941826_364844100316468_1992829004_nYouth Conference “Choice”

Each year in September we hold an annual youth conference called Choice. With a different theme and focus each year on God, we invite russian speakers from across the U.S. and on occasion, from a Slavic country, to hold seminars and give sermons. Young people from along the West Coast come and gather to worship, fellowship, and be inspired by the messages. Throughout the year, we go through the exciting planning stages of logistics, programming, marketing, and finances with our team of volunteers. We hope to see you this year at our conference.

maxresdefaultKXRU-LP FM Radio

On May 1st, 2015 we have received the long waited construction permit from the FCC to built a new low power FM radio station in Portland, OR. So far, we have made a big progress. We built a state of the art studio and have purchased the required Emergency Alert System, transmitter and an antenna. Currently we are working on choosing a suitable STL system and radio tower. Stay tuned for more updates!