Each year in September we hold an annual youth conference called Choice. With a different theme and focus each year on God, we invite Russian speakers from across the U.S. and on occasion, from a Slavic country, to hold seminars and give sermons. Young people from along the West Coast come and gather to worship, fellowship, and be inspired by the messages. Throughout the year, we go through the exciting planning stages of logistics, programming, marketing, and finances with our team of volunteers. We hope to see you this year at our conference!  
LisichnyiyAlexander Lisichny

A Pastor and professor at a Christian University, leads Youth TV programs and Youth seminars. Has a Ph.D. in Theology. And is a father of two children.

image2-19Oleg Kostyuk

Host of Cross Connection (http://hopetv.org/crossconnection) on Hope Channel International. Andrews University Doctoral student in the New Testament. Oleg is married to Julie, who works as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Oleg and Yulia love active sports. They are interested in the culture and history of the ancient world, and are organizing a trip to Israel and Jordan. Most of all, they believe that by changing the life of one person, we can change the world.

image3-22Alexander Stepanov

Served in spiritual ministry in Russia for 20 years. During this time, he served as a pastor, a youth leader of unification of the Churches in North Caucasus, and received a Master’s Degree in Theology. He is engaged in a constant study of the Scriptures and a search for a practical way to mix the principles of Scripture to everyday life. In the last two years he collaborated with the TV company, Three Angels, where he recorded two series of programs. He is married and has three sons.

Alexander Bolotnikovimage4-25

Expert on Judaism, Christianity, ancient languages, traditions and manuscripts. He holds a PhD, is a director of the research center, a writer, and a documentary filmmaker. In his studies, Alexander Bolotnikov uses exclusively the Word of God, given the context, the characteristics of the culture, language and traditions.

DSC_4353Andrei Caminschi

A pastor for more than ten years and served as head of the youth department in the Moldavian Union Conference. The department sought to organize and engage youth in missionary service. Andrei Caminschi’s motto is “Adventist, therefore – a missionary!” He is an Andrews University doctoral alum in the field of practical theology. Andrew is married to Alla who always supports him in the ministry of youth, and counsels girls and women. They have two children – Anastasia and Andrei. Caminshci is actively involved in church life.

Alexander Lisichny – Keynote Speaker

Prayer in the 21st Century:

Part 1 – Song for the Deaf

Part 2 – Ask, Seek, Knock

Part 3 – Desperate Prayer


Why am I Alex, not Aleks?

Oleg Kostyuk


“I Love Jesus but Hate the Church”

Alexander Stepanov


“Moving Soul’s Stones”

Alexander Bolotnikov


“Can I do THIS before the wedding?”

Andrei Caminschi


“The Role of Christian Youth in Serving the Church and Community”